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Sheriff: The Czech ADC who took down Rekkles

Patrik “Sheriff” Jírů is the 17 year old ADC for H2K, hailing from the Czech Republic. Last week he faced off against Fnatic and managed to take down ADC superstar Rekkles. We spoke to him about the game, his thoughts on Vayne and his new org, H2K.

First off, congratulations on the win! Since you’re new to the LCS, we’d like to get to know you a bit better. How did you first get into League?

When I was going to school, a friend of mine showed me the game. At first I was like “it’s not that good, it’s not fun,” but then my brother started playing so we just played together, and that’s how I got into it. I think I was eleven years old and my first champion was Ryze—I only played him. I’d play him anywhere.

In Season 3 I played everything but I was the best at ADC so I just mained ADC from there. As for my Summoner name Sheriff - well, it’s a bit of a weird story, but it was a name given to me by a friend. We met at a Czech tourney and we played together there, and then became really close. He’s one of my best friends now.

Do you have any ADCs that you look up to?

I look up to UZI and Rekkles a lot because they’re both talented and consistent ADCs.

When did you decide to go pro?

I decided to go pro in 2016, so I just decided to try my best to climb in EUW solo queue so players would notice me and invite me to teams. I eventually made it and joined a team in the TCS.

TCS was good—it’s not EU LCS, but the League is growing and I enjoyed playing there. In TCS we only played against the other teams in studios so there was no audience. I’ve played in a lot of Czech tourneys and there’s audiences there, but it’s not as a big as the EU LCS, so this is basically my first time in front of a big crowd. I’m always nervous for the first five minutes, but then I get into it and I’m chill afterwards.

To prepare for the Spring Split of EU LCS, we decided to bootcamp. We all went to Berlin before Christmas and played scrims together, got to know each other and practiced our hardest.


Sheriff after his victory against Fnatic during EU LCS Week 1


What kind of expectations did you have going into this game versus Fnatic?

At first I was scared, Fnatic are a great team and they have so many strong players. But I also hoped that I could do my best and I believed in my teammates to do well, so I just hoped we would win.

How did you feel knowing you were about to play against Rekkles?

When I was in lane against him I was super nervous, but when team fights started I just played my game and I was fine. I always play with summoner names off because of situations like these when I face against good players—I turn them off so I can focus. It’s better to focus on champion names, not the players’ names. It’s Sivir vs Vayne, not Rekkles vs Sheriff. I do that at home when I play in solo queue, too.

Your first kill of the game was on Rekkles—how did that feel?

At that point I felt like we were turning the game in our favour so it felt great.

In your own words, how did you get so fed?

Our team fights were better—we simply had a better team comp for that. I got so much gold from fights and farm, so I was just fed naturally.




What do you think about Vayne right now?

I think Vayne is excellent if the enemy team has more than two melee champions—they had Sejuani, Cho’Gath and Shen so it was simple to play Vayne. But she’s really hard into long-ranged champions like Azir and Caitlyn.

Vayne is hotly contested in solo queue right now. Tips for playing against her?

Just ban Vayne. She’s just too strong in solo queue.

If a new player wants to pick up Vayne, do you have any tips?

Don’t do anything before you get two or three items and then start playing the game. Just farm. Don’t try to play aggro, don’t do anything risky.


What runes do you like on Vayne and why?

Fleet Footwork, Overheal, Alacrity, and Coup de Grace in Precision.

Sorcery, Celerity, and Gathering Storm in Sorcery.

It gives so much AD, it’s amazing. Some players go Inspiration as their secondary tree to get Stopwatch and free boots, but I prefer the raw damage from Sorcery.


H-2-WHAT? H-2-K!


Manager Javier congratulating Sheriff after his victory against Fnatic

What’s it like on H2K?

When I was contacted by Richard, the Chief Gaming Officer for H2K, I was delighted. I knew this was the opportunity I was looking for and when he picked me for the roster I just went for it.

Veteran is super nice and a smart guy- he watches the various scenes and knows all the players. Sometimes I think he could be tougher on us, but he’s a nice guy and helped me with the washing machine… I had no idea how it works. I’ve never used one before! So he’s looking out for me.

Javier is hilarious, especially with his Spanish accent. He’s a good manager; he tries to make us as comfortable as possible. For example, we have these H2K shoes, right? The ones I got the first time didn’t fit me, so the next day he took me to the mall and we bought similar shoes and that helped a lot.


Sheriff and PromisQ filing onto stage before their game against Fnatic

How’s your synergy with PromisQ?

I think our synergy is solid considering how long we’ve been playing together. We still need to figure out a few things inside and outside of lane, though. Both of us shotcall in lane, but it’s mostly on him—he does wave management and recalls. Outside of the game PromisQ is pretty funny and it’s nice to hang out with him. He does spot-on impressions of Spanish casters and other languages—he’s so funny when he does that.

What do you do outside of League?

There’s a friendly environment in our team and we get along well with each other. The guys go to the gym, but I’m not allowed to go yet because I’m under 18. I work out at home instead so I can keep up—when I wake up I try to go for a run. It’s pretty hard but I’m trying every day. Then when I get home I just do some push-ups, pull-ups, squats and that kind of stuff so I’m in the right shape. I think it’s important for every pro player in general to keep your body in top shape if you’re playing the game every day for 12 hours or more.

Do you guys play other games than League?

I think I’m the only one on the team who plays other games. In the evening I like playing Fortnite with some of my friends. It’s a battle royale game where you just try to kill everyone with your gun… it kind of fits me, since I’m an ADC.

Who are the top 5 ADCs in EU LCS right now?

In no particular order: Rekkles, Hans Sama, myself, Upset and Hjarnan. I think we’re all on a pretty similar level.

What would you like to say to your fans?

Thanks for supporting us, and please support us more, I think we can do great things with you and it’s all for you guys.


You can follow Sheriff on Twitter @SheriffADC and H2K on @H2KGG.