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Sign up for the EU Challenger Series Open Qualifiers

The 2017 Summer Challenger Series Open Qualifier tournament is upon us! Here’s all the information you’ll need to get involved and grab your shot at joining the Challenger Series.

UPDATE: We are extending the signup deadline until Sunday, April 23 - 14:00 CEST. This is your last chance to sign up for this iteration of the Open Qualifier!


With the spring split drawing to a close, and the best teams in Europe fighting for their right to call themselves number one, the search begins for the new names that will be battling for the throne in years to come. Here you can find everything you need to know about the Summer Split Challenger Series Open Qualifier tournament, including;

  • How you can enter

  • What you’ll be playing for

  • Where and when you’ll be playing

  • And the format and rules behind the fun.

Who can play?

Being in the challenger series means being among the best players in Europe and in the world. To make sure you and your team have got what it takes, there are a few guidelines on who can enter.

You have to be Diamond 3 or above in Ranked Solo/Duo or Ranked Flex Queue. There are certain age restrictions too. As you might make it into the LCS, at least 3 of your players have to be 17 years old by the time your team would join the LCS (Early 2018). Alongside this, your team has to meet a few other eligibility requirements. Check here to make sure you tick all the boxes.

Make sure you or your team captain has registered your team on the Battlegrounds platform and completed the registration process by enrolling in the tournament once everyone has joined the team. We strongly recommend you complete your registration well before the sign-up deadline to allow time for resolving any issues.


What are you playing for?

Although it’d be great to be able to get straight through to the LCS just by applying for this tournament, there are a few more steps to go!

If you finish as one of the top three teams in EUW or the top team in EUNE, you’ll make your way through to the Challenger Series Qualifier tournament, and from there, hopefully, the Challenger Series!

It may seem like a long road to walk, but it has been well trodden! Just look at Fnatic Academy who rose through the Open Qualifiers and are now playing for a spot in the European LCS, or Team Kinguin who won the EUNE open qualifier and then knocked Nerv out of the Challenger series!


When and where?

All the games will be played on the EUW and EUNE live servers, with each server having its own sign-up and tournament bracket.  The tournament is held between 26th April 2017 and 4th May 2017, with the exact match schedule being released after all the sign-ups have closed on 14:00 CEST, 23rd April 2017.

What is the tournament structure?

It’s a single elimination bracket, with every series being best of three. The team's sides will be randomised to start and then will alternate throughout the best of three.

If you’re in the top 8 teams that apply, you’ll be manually seeded into the bracket, meaning you’re less likely to meet another highly ranked team early on in the tournament.

What if I want to know more?

If you need more information or are just someone who loves looking at lengthy sets of rules, you can check out all the extra information here. There’s also a handy FAQ here.

Good luck, have fun, and may the best team win!

Are you LFT, or have you already picked out a suitably troll team name? Let us know in the comments below.