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Vizicsacsi on joining Splyce and facing Fnatic

Vizicsacsi joins the Splyce line-up for 2019 – we quiz the top laner himself on his new team and his thoughts on the upcoming LEC season.

After finishing third in the 2018 regional gauntlet, Splyce are looking to rebuild for success in the upcoming 2019 LEC season. And that starts with an all-new squad, with fresh faces to take on Europe’s top teams. One of those new faces to the squad is Tamás "Vizicsacsi" Kiss, who joins after a season with Schalke 04, and sees him reteam up with fellow former Unicorns of Love jungler Andrei "Xerxe" Dragomir.

After starting off with Animate eSports before a short stint with Eternity Gaming, the Hungarian made waves with the Unicorns of Love from 2014, helping the team rise from the Challenger Series to the EU LCS, putting in sterling performances in the top lane for three consecutive seasons – UoL even became the first team to upset a #1 seed in the Semifinals of Playoffs, by beating SK Gaming in the 2015 Spring Playoffs. With the inaugural LEC season in sight, and with a new team behind him, we got the chance to catch up with Vizicsacsi himself – and find out just who he thinks will pose the biggest threat, and what he’s most looking forward to.

Hey Vizicsacsi, how’s it going?

Vizicsacsi: Hey, going great! Really happy with how this offseason turned out. Got everything I was looking for and now just waiting for the season to start!

As Splyce’s new top-laner, what do you think you’ll be bringing to the team?

What I’m looking to give is experience, both in and out of game, stability, and of course, carry potential for the top side. Right now, I’m glancing a lot more towards the carry top laners once again, and wanting to repeat the 2017 Spring Split performance, where I got the MVP alongside Xerxe – who also got Rookie of the Split back then. For that to happen, I will soak in anything that can help me improve. Being able to play both carries and tanks at a high potential is definitely what can make me strong enough to take on other players. For that, I will practice the carry-oriented style a lot more, and I will try to make sure that I’ll be amongst the most feared top laners out there.

Are you guys gelling well already?

We seem to have a really good team chemistry and just perfecting our shotcalling and macro can easily give us an edge over other teams. That’s kind of my personal goal as well: become more of a vocal force inside the team and help out with my experience. That’s kind of similar how I operated in Unicorns of Love and this team atmosphere makes it very possible it seems so far.

"[I want to] become more of a vocal force inside the team and help out with my experience."

Tamás "Vizicsacsi" Kiss

Joining Splyce will reunite you with your former Unicorns of Love teammate Xerxe. Are you looking forward to playing alongside him again?

Definitely. He was one of the players I was aiming to get into the same team with at the start of preseason, and him staying in Splyce largely influenced my decision too. We were a good duo in UoL, and I believe we’ll do even better here since we have an excellent coaching staff, and both of us have gained even more experience over the year. He improved a lot on his shotcalling and game knowledge, and so did I. We just need to find our synergy once again and that will come after a few weeks of practice matches. Once we get onto the same page, we can easily be the strongest top-jungle duo in the LEC.

You mentioned you got the MVP of the 2017 Spring Split alongside Xerxe; do you think you want to outshine him this year? What other accolades do you have in mind?

I would rather shine together with him! Of course, getting another MVP award would be awesome, but that should come naturally with good performances. It’s not really something to aim for. Rather, we should aim to perform well as a team, and we are more likely to get recognition from others as well – and maybe one of us could get awarded with an MVP award in the end.

"Once we get onto the same page, we can easily be the strongest top-jungle duo in the LEC."

Tamás "Vizicsacsi" Kiss

What do you think of the other line-ups so far? Do you think the new-look Splyce have what it takes to be successful in the new season?

There are a lot of good line-ups on paper, but in the end, it will come down to team environment and how players gel with each other. In that regard, I think we’re in a leading position and can definitely do well in the new season. We brought in a lot of talent as well, so [the team] swiftly improving through the Split is also something I look to happen.

Misfits, Origen, Fnatic, G2, Vitality all look like strong opponents with stacked rosters. A lot will come down to the synergy between the players. I’m particularly looking forward to facing Fnatic and Misfits. Both Bwipo and sOAZ will have to adapt to this new year since they won’t be helping each other out with different styles, so I will be interested to see how they perform.

Who do you think will pose the biggest threat? Which player are you most looking forward to playing?

The top lane competition will be very similar to last year, so it will definitely be a fierce battle between the top laners once again. I don’t really care about whom I will face, since I’m a lot more focused around playing optimally and to my own win conditions. As long as I have a match up I’m familiar with, I’m sure I can best anyone.

I particularly want to see Bwipo and sOAZ, however, especially how they perform now without compensating for each other’s weaknesses. Those two together were a huge force for Fnatic, and with the both them going separate ways, it will make it more interesting to see if they can step up by themselves.

"I will try to make sure that I’ll be amongst the most feared top laners out there."

Tamás "Vizicsacsi" Kiss

Which team are you most looking forward to playing in the new season?

Fnatic. They won too many times against us last Split when I was playing in Schalke, so I want to even that out a bit this season. Also, it will be interesting to see how they do with only one top laner and a new rookie mid laner.

What’s the biggest thing in the new LEC season you’re most looking forward to?

Just overall, the competition rose a lot, and there’s more stability coming from the teams. That’s already very positive, and the thing I’m looking forward to the most is being a strong force with my team, and to be able to challenge anyone for the LEC title.

Visit eu.lolesports.com/lec for more info on the LEC and check out Splyce’s Twitter account for their latest news.

Will you be rooting for Vizicsacsi when the season kicks off? Which top laner do you think will reign supreme? Sound off in the comments, below.