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Spring Recap and Summer Split Sponsor Updates

The EU LCS is back for the 2018 Summer Split! After an exciting opening week, here’s a recap of some of the newest developments we debuted in Spring as well as few things to come which elevate our league further towards a bright, sustainable future.

EU LCS 2018 Spring Recap

The 2018 EU LCS Spring Split was one for the history books, and culminated in Fnatic decisively reclaiming the throne from 4-time consecutive champions, G2 Esports. We started to focus more on how we can customize your viewing experience by introducing the POV stream, and provided a glimpse behind the scenes of our EU production team with Behind the Stream. Expect to see more of this in summer as we refine our newest stream and bring you hidden moments from behind the scenes on a more regular basis.

Here’s a closer look at those highlights from behind the scenes - and an overall look at viewership so far in 2018.


Debut of the POV stream

The EU LCS production team were busy behind the scenes developing a secondary POV stream experience, which debuted with Rekkles at the 2018 Spring Semifinals. For any mere mortals who want to check out just how much of a god Rekkles is by spying on his every move, we’ve got you.

Of course, POV is back again for summer and kicked off with Caps in Week 1 - check out how to watch here. We love your feedback, as it helps us improve every new experience, so please keep it coming.


Behind the Stream

In Spring we took a glimpse behind the curtain with the ‘Behind the Stream’ series. It’s been great to see positive reactions to this series from fans curious about what goes into producing a large scale esports event like the EU LCS. This split we plan to bring you even more stories from backstage with our on-air talent team, production team, and events team.

You can check out the full series to date here.

Spring EU LCS Viewership 

On the other side of the screen, the EU LCS has seen a raise in viewership so far this year. The Spring Split saw a year-on-year increase of +25% in unique viewers on average compared to Spring 2017, and social media engagement jumped up by almost +180%.

It’s also been an exciting split for classic matchups. During the epic showdown of FNC vs G2 at our Finals in the Copenhagen Royal Arena, we saw an increase of 30% on average for unique viewers, hours watched, average concurrent users (ACU) and peak concurrent users (PCU) compared to the 2017 Spring Finals.

Relive our favorite moments and memories from the split in this video

Summer Split Updates

Spring was a split to remember, but we’re far from done - the Summer Split has just started and we’re looking forward to teams getting more creative with the new meta as they set their sights on Worlds. Here’s some things to look out for:

DXRacer Partners with EU LCS

It’s our ongoing goal to partner with sponsors who share our commitment to supporting and developing our league for pros and fans. We’re excited to announce our partnership with DXRacer as the official EU LCS chair sponsor. They’ll be providing us with custom EU LCS DXRacer chairs to be used in all our competitions throughout the split, ensuring our pros are always well-seated while competing. Stay tuned to see our official EU LCS model, which will be unveiled on the broadcast in the next few weeks

These chairs will also be available to buy in the coming months, more info coming soon.


Changes to team jersey regulations

We’ve made some minor adjustments to the ruleset - mainly focused around apparel and side selection. If you’re interested in the nitty gritty you can find the complete ruleset here and our ongoing change log here

Beyond our competition rules, we’ve made a change to our jersey regulations effective from the 2018 EU LCS Summer Split. Previously, teams were required to reserve the most prominent space on the chest of their pro jerseys for team logos. This was originally designed to ensure that team brands get the highest exposure, but after extensive market analysis on logo placement and sponsor visibility, as well as talking with teams about the visibility of their brands in other areas on the broadcast, we’ll be making a change.  From this split onwards, we’ll be adjusting regulations to allow team sponsors to be more prominently featured on the front chest area of jerseys. It’s our hope that this change will provide teams with substantial and lucrative new revenue opportunities, and help them, as well as the League, on our road towards sustainability. 

Ready Check

ICYMI - we’ve added a new feature to the broadcast this Summer, the EU LCS pre-show Ready Check! Sjokz and the team will be getting you ready for an evening of EU LCS action, starting 30 minutes before the show each day and picks and bans will now begin on the hour. Click here to read more.

Ready check

With the deadline for long term partnership application submissions coming up on July 1st, we’ll be kicking into high gear behind the scenes at the EU LCS to plan the road to 2019 and beyond. Stay tuned for more news - and thanks to all of the fans for an action-packed year so far.