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Stats Dive: H2k vs ANX

You could call this the battle of the best of Europe, technically speaking - H2K was the equal-second seed for Europe, and Albus Nox Luna are the reigning champions of Russia’s LCL. Russia is kind of in Europe, depending on who you listen to.

Some say it’s Europe, some say Asia, some say half is in Europe and half is in Asia, some say Eurasia. But, for the sake of argument, let’s call this the battle of the best of Europe - three of ANX’s players are Ukrainian anyway, that’s Europe.

Anyway, the contenders - Albus Nox Luna, the fairytale Wildcard story. Everyone was singing midlaner Kira’s praises coming into the 2016 World Championships, but it’s Likkrit, ANX’s support, who has stolen the hearts of the public with his aggressive style in game and positive, gracious style out of it. Then there’s H2K, lead by crowd-favourite Prolly. Jankos’s jungling this tournament has been top notch, and Forg1ven is displaying his dominating best.

It’s difficult to pick a favourite, we know. So let’s take a deep dive - a closer look at the two teams to help you decide who you will be cheering for.


The climb may be long, but the view is worth it.


Albus Nox Luna have proved that they are not afraid to play comfort picks, regardless of how the rest of the world sees those picks fitting into the meta. ANX have picked 4 of the 11 champions that have only had one pick this tournament - Shen, Taric, Brand and Anivia.

Out of the 32 total unique champions ANX and H2K have played, only 7 of them are contested, and none of those have more than two picks from either team - Elise, Jayce, Vladimir, Sivir, Braum, Gnar and Kennen.

Keep these in mind when the teams head into champion select, and watch to see whether either team target bans known power picks.

Team Objectives: Head to Head

First blood % 71% (3rd) 86% (1st)
First turret % 71% (3rd) 57% (6th)
First dragon % 71% (3rd) 71% (3rd)
Dragon control rate 68%: 19 taken - 9 conceded (2nd) 58%: 15 taken - 11 conceded (5th)
Baron control rate 55%: 6 taken - 5 conceded (5th) 54%: 7 taken - 6 conceded (6th)
Average game time 39:31 38:37

Speaking of first bloods, both PvPStejos and Jankos have a 100% first-blood kill participation rate - PvPStejos is ranked first in the entire World Championship, with six first-blood kills, and Jankos is nipping at his heels in second with five first-blood kills.

Team Gold: Head to Head

Gold lead @ 20 2483 (3rd) -1444 (12th)
Game time ahead 73% (2nd) 58.8% (5th)
Time significantly ahead* 48.2% (2nd) 18.6% (12th)
Time significantly behind* 12.7% (5th) 25.3% (8th)
*sig. ahead: >=52% of total gold // sig behind: <=48% of total gold (read more)

At first glance, these numbers heavily favour H2K, right? Albus Nox Luna spend the least amount of time in a significant gold lead than any other team remaining in the World Championships. Conversely, H2K has had the gold lead at 15-20 minutes in all of their games this tournament except one - their first game against EDG.

When we look deeper, though, and take into account that the average game time for H2K and ANX are very close, it tells us two things - one is that ANX are much more used to playing in a deficit and have proved they are capable of turning games around. It also tells us that despite H2K’s ability to gain early leads, they have trouble snowballing and closing out games. Basically, ANX can win games from behind in the same amount of time it takes H2K to win while ahead.

Scary, huh?



Let’s talk about wards. Albus Nox Luna place less wards per minute than any other team, averaging 3 wards placed per minute when the average for the World Championships is 3.6. This is mostly due to Likkrit and PvPStejos. Likkrit may deal damage like an ADC in supports’ skin, but he is the second worst warder out of the tournament’s supports - he places 1.13 wards per minute, the average is 1.41, and he’s among the slowest Sightstone purchasers. PvPStejos is the worst warder of the tournament’s junglers, placing 0.65 wards per minute when the tournament’s average is 0.79.

H2K, on the other hand, rank 5th overall in wards placed, averaging 3.8 wards per minute - not the greatest, but nothing to be sneezed at. Looking at vision denial, ANX again find themselves ranking the worst in the tournament, clearing 1.4 wards per minute. H2K are much more active, clearing 1.7 per minute - the second-best rate overall.


  • ANX’s Kira is the most efficient damage dealer of all World Championship midlaners, and third most efficient overall. He does 31% of his team’s damage and takes only 21.8% of his team’s gold. That’s like you and Kira having $10 each for dinner - you bring home a fast-food meal, he brings home a three-course meal with lobster and dessert and you wonder how the hell he did it. Efficiency.
  • H2K’s Forg1ven is the most consistent farmer in bot lane, with the highest CSD at 15 minutes out of all the tournament’s ADCs. On the other hand, ANX’s ADC aMiracle has the worst CSD at 15 minutes.
  • Speaking of highest average CSD at 15 minutes, guess who else has that? H2K’s Odoamne in the top lane. He averages +19.4 CSD at 15. In second place is C9’s Impact with +13.5, almost 6 less, so Odo is having a party in the top lane every day by a long shot.
  • You know what sucks? Death. Forg1ven doesn’t worry about that too much though - he averages less than one death per game, at 0.71. That’s the lowest of all players at the World Championships. aMiracle more than doubles that with an average of 2 deaths per game.   

When we look at the numbers, it comes down to this - H2K’s laning phase is impressive, especially top and bot lane. Their overall early game is top notch. So they get the lead, but then what? It’s like they don’t know what to do with it. “What do I do with all this gold? Do I make a statue? Do I put it in the fridge? How do I hold all these leading statistics? Is a snowball a thing we throw or a thing we should do?”

Meanwhile, Albus Nox Luna play from behind in the early game all the damn time. They love it. They eat it for breakfast. H2K dominating them in the laning phase wouldn’t be a surprise, it’d be a welcome mat for what ANX are used to.

Then again, oftentimes, when you are behind after the early game, you lose. So that’s something to think about.

So who will come out on top? Will H2K’s early game be too much for Albus Nox Luna? Find out at midnight on Monday morning CEST as the 2016 World Championships continue.