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Hans Sama on the Third Place Decider: "Our confidence floundered."

From Worlds in China to the Summer Split Playoffs in Spain, Steven "Hans Sama" Liv has tasted victory worldwide even at the hands of defeat.

Unfortunately, a win was not on the plates of Misfits during the Decider match. Team Vitality, an ever-present threat throughout the second half of the Summer Split, managed to swing bot and mid lane in their favour and slowly dismantled Misfits's playstyle from the inside out. Hans Sama thrived in Game 1 on Xayah but couldn't find that same success in the following three games.

Looking back on the loss, Hans Sama spoke about the importance of focus and confidence to succeed in League of Legends.

Did you have a set strategy coming into your Team Vitality match-up today?

Hans Sama: I think we use the same strategy against their playstyle, which is based around early game and more focused into mid-bot side. They just played better than us.

What was the reasoning behind your Draven ban?

Hans Sama: I felt maybe that was the only way that they could win because I thought I might still win through bot. Draven is the only pick that is incredibly unpredictable. I knew that they've been playing Draven in scrims a lot and playing it well. I thought, without Draven in the draft, we'd be 2v2 bot the whole time but that didn't really happen. I also made a lot of mistakes. I felt very bad banning my Draven.


Can you explain the Ezreal pick in game two?

Hans Sama: To be fair, that wasn't the best draft. We didn't have many options to win the game, so picking Ezreal there... We thought that they didn't play Kai'Sa which I think is really strong against Ezreal because she matches all of his item spikes. She's just as strong as Ezreal all the time. In lane, Ezreal doesn't have much threat and, with my playstyle, in order to make my team successful I need a different type of champion. I would rather play play-making champions but we tried Ezreal out and it didn't work.

In Game 3, you played Tristana but it did not end well. How did it feel to have Jiizuke push you out of fights constantly?

Hans Sama: It always feels the same, when I'm playing an AD Carry and I fall behind before 15 minutes. It always happens that there's something like a LeBlanc coming up to me and one-shotting me. Against Fnatic, it was the same thing that Caps did. I don't know, maybe I'm just bad against LeBlanc. I hate that champion, to be honest.

I'm always calm, even when I make mistakes, but sometimes it's hard to stay focused.

Steven "Hans Sama" Liv

How do you stay calm and tilt-proof in that situation?

Hans Sama: I need to stay focused like usual. I'm always calm, even when I make mistakes, but sometimes it's hard to stay focused when you make huge mistakes. For example, during that Fnatic game,  I inted and I couldn't stop thinking about it. It was so bad. It was hard to stay focused. It's just something I'm going to work on.


Do you feel pressure to be the primary carry for Misfits?

Hans Sama: No, I actually don't feel a lot of pressure. I actually like the way that I'm a major pillar for the team. If I fail then the team loses but if I succeed then the team wins. I like that type of responsibility.

I actually like the way that I'm a major pillar for the team.

Steven "Hans Sama" Liv

It sounds like Misfits performs better under pressure. Do you think they do?

Hans Sama: Maybe. I think we might be that type of team. At least for me, when there are important matches I rise sometimes. Last year, I was invisible most of the rigorous Split but I popped off during the Playoffs, so maybe it's always the same. I get excited about it.


 Last year, you went to Worlds and took SKT to five games. This Spring, you didn't make Playoffs and now you've placed fourth this Split. What do you think Misfits needs to change to get back into Worlds shape?

Hans Sama: I haven't put much thought into what I or the team need to change but I guess we need to grow our confidence. Today, our confidence floundered. It's not as strong as it should be. My confidence is dropping a bit but I think we all need to work on it to prepare for our next matches.

The first team you face in the Regional Qualifier is Splyce. Do you have any predictions for that game?

Hans Sama: It's going to be a 3-0 against Nisqy, my friend. I'm looking forward to playing against him, it will be exciting to play against him. I know he's a great player and a great person too. The best team will win.

The best team will win.

Steven "Hans Sama" Liv