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Your MVP of the Summer Split is...

After a split of change for his team, one name stood strong in the race for MVP. Let’s find out who took the glory.

After standing in the shadows of his ADC, our Summer Split MVP has finally made the league his own, congratulations Rasmus "Caps" Winther! His first EU LCS MVP will gain pride of place alongside his EU LCS Championship, two #1 MID EU LCS All-pro awards and is beginning to cement himself as the best mid-laner in the west!


This split was a standout performance for Caps. Topping the charts in damage/minute, damage/minute-difference (the amount more damage he does than his opponent), gold difference at 15 minutes, and kills + assists at 15. Across Summer Split, Caps has amassed the most kills of any player in the league.

This is the split where Caps has proven himself as an EU mid-laner. His sights are now set on the Championship and Worlds.

“With Rekkles stepping back for most of the regular season, Fnatic needed Caps, who proved himself the best mid-laner at MSI to be on form to secure a first place finish. He did not disappoint. Caps dominated his lane consistently and was a huge playmaker on signature picks like Zoe, Yasuo, and even mid lane Wukong. There isn't a player in the EULCS that could replace Caps on this Fnatic roster and still be able to replicate his success in the Summer Split. Caps is truly in a league of his own.”
- Christy ‘Ender’ Frierson

Below you can find the voting ballots and results for the 2018 Summer Split Awards: