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Team Fight Breakdown with Jatt: FNC vs. VIT

This week on Team Fight breakdown we're looking into one of the most exciting fights from the EU LCS Quarterfinals between Fnatic and Vitality.

Over 30 minutes into Game 4, Fnatic had a 5k gold lead. Baron and Dragon were killed several minutes ago, so Fnatic were looking to build on their advantage via farm and vision control until the next Baron. To do this, they set up a 1-3-1 push with their two Teleport users -- Gamsu and Febiven -- in the side lanes. In order to gain control and push Fnatic's advantage, Spirit's Graves looked to place a forward pink ward in Vitality's jungle, which triggered KaSing's Alistar to Flash Pulverise Spirit to start the fight.

Let's get into it.

To watch the entire game, head over to the spoiler-free VODs page. For more details on the game, you can also check out the detailed match history.

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