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Team Spotlight: Misfits Academy

This time last split Misfits were looking to make it into the EU LCS. Now, only one split later, their second team is looking to do the same thing. Misfits Academy didn’t have the easiest time in the Challenger Series Spring Split, but they pulled it together in the Playoffs and defeated the heavily favoured FC Schalke 04. Now this rookie team has a chance to follow in their sister team’s footsteps and join the ranks of the EU LCS, but first they must survive the Promotion Tournament.

Many people didn’t expect you to win against Schalke 04, how did that happen?

Unlimited: It wasn’t so unexpected for me, because the last time we faced them we were the team that underperformed. I knew that my players could do much better than what they showed before, so I thought we would win. I wasn’t expecting it to be so easy though. We communicated like a real team in that series, and that’s something we don’t always do in scrims.

Yuuki60: We didn’t play that well this split, but we prepared a lot for the Finals and we made it happen. We were confident because we had nothing to lose, on paper Schalke were better, they had a perfect split. So all we could do was try our best. I think their weakness was being very arrogant and confident, because they never lost a game. We figured if we could win one game it might shake their confidence.

Pridestalker: I’m not sure. I think we all just played our best and it worked out, I didn’t expect us to win either. The difference is, when we’re in real games everyone is really focused, and we all try our best.  In scrims though, we don’t always take it seriously, so it doesn’t always go well.

CozQ: So, our journey in the Spring Split was really messy at the start, because we had practiced for three weeks with our first jungler only to lose him right before the split started. So we had to find a new jungler, which was really hard. We performed okay with our first replacement jungler, Kadir, but then he had to leave to focus on school, so we had to find another replacement. Changing junglers so many times made practicing difficult, but we made it to Playoffs. We didn’t know what to expect against Schalke, but I thought we had a pretty good chance of winning the series if we were able to take one game off them.

How important is it to you as a team to make it into the LCS?

CozQ: I want to beat both teams and make it to the LCS. I’m confident, but not overconfident. I hope we can shake off the pressure and just see how it goes.

Unlimited: It’s pretty important, but to me it’s just an in-between step for Worlds. For me personally, I’ve already been in the LCS so going back isn’t a new step. When I was a player I never managed to get even close to Worlds, so I hope to do that as a coach.

What do you think of Origen and Giants?

Pridestalker: We played a few scrims against Origen, and they were basically “clown fiestas”. I think we won most of them. But I think we will be much more serious when we play on stage in the tournament, so it should be better.

Unlimited: I don’t think it’s important whether Giants choose us or Fnatic Academy, because it is double elimination so we have to win against the strongest team to qualify anyway. So it doesn’t matter to me, it’s the same exact thing. I wouldn’t underestimate either Giants or Origen though, because I’ve been in the LCS and I know that teams who are in relegation will never give up the spot for free. No matter how weak people think a team is, they will fight for their life and I think all these matches will be difficult.

CozQ: I think that, when it comes to Giants picking a team, they should focus on the more mechanically gifted players, because every team has decent macro at the moment.  So if they focus on who has the better mechanical players it will be a bit easier, and they should just pick that team and hope for the best.

How is the game different from a coaching perspective, Unlimited?

Unlimited: You see more of a big picture, you don’t see all the little things happening that all the players notice. But you see the big things, like how players move together and how they interact with each other. So as a coach you try to figure out how to fix that.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

CozQ: We don’t have very experienced players, none of us have ever played in the LCS or have shotcalling experience. But I think we’re mechanically good, so when we win the early game we can often win game.  If we lose the early game because of our lack of experience, though, we struggle a lot. Right now it’s important to have both good macro and strong laners, because if you don’t have strong laners it’s really hard to get out of the early game and do stuff. It’s really important to have a mix of both.

Yuuki60: I think one of our strengths is that when we are all able to focus we play really well. We also have some comfortable picks, like if we have something like Graves or Rengar jungle we know we’ll probably win the game.

Misfits Academy go up against former Worlds Semifinalists Origen on Friday, April 7th at 17:00 CEST on watch.lolesports.com.