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Tech Issues on Play-In Day 3

On the third day of Worlds 2017 Play-In Stage, we experienced issues related to network connectivity during the matches Young Generation vs. Fnatic and 1907 Fenerbahçe Espor vs. HK Attitude. We wanted to take some time to answer questions regarding the pauses and what we did to ensure the competitive integrity of the games.

It’s important to note that these connectivity problems are not a result of Worlds being held in China.

We experienced network issues which then triggered additional problems in the game client. Unfortunately, the three times that they occurred were sensitive times of the match, meaning players suffered disruptions that majorly impacted the game flow. As a result, we decided to use Chronobreak to rewind the game to a time when neither team would have an unfair advantage.

Because these issues happened in a cascading fashion, we experienced longer pauses, during which we investigated how to resolve the issues without impacting the game.

We‘re working on investigating those issues further and plan on putting in place solutions to help avoid future disruptions in play.