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The 2019 LEC Playoffs Format: Explained

New Name, New Brand, New Format: Here's how the LEC will play out in 2019!

While the Regular Season will stay in the double-round-robin Best-of-1 format, the LEC Playoffs have been changed up for 2019.

As before, the LEC Playoffs are comprised of the top six teams from the Regular Season battling it out in a seeded tournament.

In the first round the third seed will choose to face either the fifth or sixth seed in Match 1 and the fourth seed will face the fifth/sixth seed which has not been chosen in Match 2. The winning teams will advance to the second round, the losing teams will be eliminated. In the second round the two teams advancing from the first round will play each other in Match 3. In Match 4, the first and second seeds will play against each other. In the third round the winner of Match 5 will advance to the final, where they will play against the winner of Match 4.

This means at the LEC roadshows, we'll have three teams fighting for first, instead of a first place and third place match. We hope you'll find this new format even more exciting than the years before!

Got any questions about the new format? Let us know in the comments below.