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The All-Star Event closes out 2018!

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, so let us leave all of our heartbreak from the season in 2018. A month removed from Worlds, and a month away from 2019 beginning -- let's enjoy the break and better ourselves for the new year. And also steel our hearts in the cold depths of winter for the inevitable return of the emotional roller coaster that comes with being an esports fan.

Before that, though, the 2018 All-Star Event was home to a lot of great moments that captured the essence of esports. Here are a few of the best moments from this year's event:  

1. Bang and Sneaky deliver on their promised cosplay


When I ran into Sneaky right after he debuted his cosplay, I realized he was much taller than me. That's when I noticed the heels. You'd figure he'd switch to something more comfortable in the VIP lounge, but nope -- he was dedicated to the outfit. He said it actually wasn't too bad to wear it. Bang on the other hand admitted putting together the whole thing and wearing it was much more tiring than he expected -- I guess that's one thing Bang will be able to further develop in NA.


2. Voyboy and Doublelift win the 2v2 charity tournament 


Doublelift and Voyboy defeated Faker and Captain Jack to capture the 2v2 charity tournament title. In doing so, they won $100,000 for their charity -- M3 Tent Events, which works and advocates for mental health related causes. Make sure to check out this speech by Voyboy himself on why they chose this charity. 


3. NA > EU, CN > LCK, and East > West


Is anyone better at non-serious events than North America? I think not. NA knocked off EU in a wild game to start off the All-Star Event. Then the LPL knocked off the LCK in one of the final matches to ensure their dominance continued -- even though it was a fun match, it was fitting that the LCK should lose one final time this year. They did, however, contribute greatly to the East defeating the West 2-1 thanks to the prowess of Coach Peanut. 


4. Caps unseats Uzi, then knocks off Pabu in the 1v1 Finals


Caps captured the most votes from Europe after his MVP Summer Split and Worlds Finals run -- the young mid laner quickly ascended to become one of the best players in the world this year. Now widely regarded as the best Western player in the World, Caps continued to prove it by winning this 1v1 tournament.

So, live from Vegas -- thank you all for watching another season of League of Legends with us. I hope you enjoyed the event as much as the pros and influencers did, because the energy in the VIP section at the HyperX Esports Arena was really contagious. See you next year!