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Rogue, Vitality and Excel battle for early momentum

Vitality, Excel, and Rogue need to get and maintain the early season momentum needed as they head into Week 3.

With Vitality and Excel both sitting at 0-4, the two teams are definitely hungry for that first win. Rogue, already matching their total Spring Split wins, look to keep adding on to their total.

With the first two weeks of the Summer Split complete, getting a certain level of momentum going is an absolute must if a team has any hope of finishing the rest of the season strong. With many teams currently at 2-2, it’s still anyone’s split, even for the teams that remain winless heading into next weekend.

Excel and Vitality are the two teams that currently remain without a win to their name. Heading into Week 3, they will absolutely be out for blood, not wanting to see a “0” in the win column heading into Week 4. Rogue, currently 2-2 and already having tied their total wins from last split, must be feeling a little better already, but they will need to keep up their momentum if they hope to make playoffs.

Rogue: A promising Summer return

Heading into Week 3, Rogue are currently 2-2, putting on a level with several other LEC teams. They shouldn’t get too cocky though: they may have already tied their total wins from Spring, but their two wins so far have come against Excel and Vitality, the two teams that are yet to win a match this split. In Week 2, their loss against SK came to an end in under 30 minutes with a Vladimir triple kill to finish off the game by Sacre. Their win against Vitality came to an end in roughly 35 minutes with a solid showing all-around by Rogue, only giving up 3 total kills and capitalising on mistakes made by Vitality early-game.

Week 3 will be highly important to the team. They face off against Splyce, whose current two wins also come against Excel and Vitality. Rogue will also face G2, putting their skill to the ultimate test as G2 currently have claim to the top team in the LEC and after success at MSI,  the whole world. Players like VandeR, who had a particularly stellar game on Taric against Vitality in Week 2,  and Profit have been having solid showings so far this year and will need to keep it up to ensure they come out of Week 3 with another win, but it’s safe to say Rogue aren’t the same team as last split.

Vitality need to revitalise

Vitality Week 2

Vitality looks to turn things around in Week 3.

Team Vitality heads into Week 3 as only one of two remaining teams that do not have a win yet. This comes as a surprise to many as the boys in black and yellow impressed at Worlds last year and had a strong showing in the Spring Split, making it through to playoffs, finishing in the #5 spot. Vitality are definitely not short on highly skilled players – they just need to find the piece of the puzzle that’s missing, exploit the skill of Jizuke, improve upon their bot lane, and everything should start coming together. Avoiding mistakes like the level 1 death by Attila against Rogue in Week 2 is an example of plays that need to be avoided and improved upon to avoid being bottom two at the end of the split.

Through the first two weeks, Vitality’s losses have come from Rogue, Origen, Splyce, and G2. With the players, staff, and fans all expecting another playoff showing, Vitality will definitely need to add a win to their record soon. Week 3 will show them facing off against Excel – a highly important game for both teams as one will remain winless and the other will walk away with their first win of the summer. They also face off against SK, another highly important game that should be very close, as SK had entered Week 2 with just one win under their belt.

Can Excel do just that at last?

Excel Summer Week 2

Excel need to find a win this week if they hope to get some momentum going.

In the same boat as Vitality, Excel leave Week 2 without a win. S04, Misfits, Rogue, and Splyce have been the four losses so far this summer – nothing to be ashamed of as all four of those teams have been playing well and are all 2-2 thus far.

During Week 2, Excel were only able to find six total kills between their two matches; three each against Misfits and Splyce. Both Misfits and Splyce seemed to be one step ahead of Excel throughout the whole match. Long-time friends KaSing and Hjarnan, while having a lot of synergy together, need to bring the whole team together – especially Mickey who still looks to be getting acquainted with the new team, having a couple of rough games in Week 2. Excel have also been allowing teams to outfarm them. Kobbe was able to spend a couple minutes free farming in their match against Splyce – something that cannot happen.  Excel will need to look back on the matches and see what should have went differently in order to prepare themselves for the tough week ahead of them.

Heading into Week 3, Excel know they need to take the win against Vitality to ensure they aren’t the only team without a win. As one of the most important games taking place this week, any hopes of gaining some early split momentum will be gained by the winner of this match. The other team will have their work cut out for them, especially if they fail to win the second match of the weekend.

What do you think of the way Rogue, Vitality and Excel have been playing so far this Split? Who will find that momentum in Week 3?