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European Masters

The European Masters is Back!

European Masters will see the 20 best regional teams from across Europe go head to head in a fight for EU dominance and a share of the €150,000 prize pool.

Get ready for the next round of national pride, upsets, and salty banter when the European Masters returns this September. Teams from all across Europe will travel to the ESL Arena in Katowice, Poland to fight for the opportunity to prove which region reigns supreme and claim the title of European Masters, along with a share of the €150,000 prize pool.

We’re still expanding the regional ecosystem in Europe by partnering with various competitions that bring locally resonant esports to every corner of the continent. With our most recent additions, every European player now has access to a local competition that grants slots into European Masters. In consequence, we are no longer awarding slots for Open Qualifiers, making EU Masters a fully regional, ERL-based event. With these changes and more ERLs on board than ever, the format of EM needs to evolve as well.

You will now see the top team representing each of the 13 regions qualified directly to the group stage, with the Play-In stage serving as a second chance at EM, featuring the runner-up teams of some ERLs.

Read on to find out the details of each phase!


  • September 10th - 13th: Play-Ins
  • September 17th - 20th: Group Stage
  • September 22nd - 23rd: Knockout Stage
  • September 29th: Semi-Finals
  • September 30th: Finals


European Masters will kick off with the Play-In stage on September 10th, where 2nd seed teams from European Regional Leagues will compete in a round robin phase for one of three spots in the Group Stage.

play ins


The three qualifying teams from play-ins will be joined by the thirteen 1st place seeds from every European Regional League. These 16 teams will be divided into four groups of four, and will compete in a round robin tournament to see which eight teams move on to the Knockout Stage.

groups teams
groups format


The 8 teams competing in the Knockout Stage will battle in a single elimination bracket, with the top 4 teams traveling to Katowice, Poland for the live Finals on September 29th-30th.

For more information on season two of the EU Masters, visit eumasters.gg.