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The MVP of the Spring Split is...

We’ve made it through two weeks of awards already, and now it’s time for the one you’ve all been waiting for: the MVP of the Split!

To see how the voting process worked, see our earlier article here.

Just like the 2017 Spring Split, the EU LCS Awards season is coming to an end.  So far we’ve crowned our All Pro Team, Rookie of the Split, and Coach of the Split, but we’re not finished yet! We have one last award to give out, and it’s perhaps the most prestigious: the MVP of the 2017 Spring Split. It’s an award that has previously been dominated by G2’s Trick, who won it back-to-back in the 2016 Spring and Summer Splits. But now he has been dethroned, and by no less than one of his Spring Finals opponents. 



Kiss "Vizicsacsi" Tamás  - UOL - Top Lane - 57 Points



"I’ve had the pleasure of casting Vizicsacsi’s games since the creation of the Unicorns of Love in 2014 and Vizicsacsi has become without a doubt in my mind the best top laner in Europe. Whether it was a composition calling for a Yorick so they could create an un-killable Cassiopeia, or just a plain old tank, Vizicsacsi has been the backbone of the Unicorns lineup and has played whatever the team needed. Perennially rated below standouts like Huni and Odoamne, performances in the first two seasons for the Unicorns were as unpredictable as UOL’s compositions themselves, and it seemed like Csacsi struggled to adapt to the team’s Jungle substitutions.  In recent times he’s really come into his own, showing not only the same versatility in champions, but dominance in game through risky, but more often than not effective plays. 2017 has started well for the Unicorns of Love, taking the top spot in Group B, making it to the finals for a second time and now Hungary’s only EU LCS player joins an elite class to hold the title of MVP of the Split in Europe. It’s fair to say that “つ ◕_◕ ༽つCSACSI CARRY つ ◕_◕ ༽つ” has never been a more appropriate saying than now."

James “Stress” O’Leary

"Vizicsacsi has been the best performing toplaner this split. Strong champion pool, leadership and his insane aggression has made him the most valuable player in Europe. He can play any type of champion and he is able to perform at the top level when it really matters. Impressive performance and well deserved MVP."

Martin “Deficio” Lynge


It was a close race, only one point seperated Zven and Vizicsacsi in the standings. However, will the votes reflect reality when the two face each other on Sunday, April 23rd in the Spring Split Finals?



Zven - G2 - ADC - 56



Jankos - H2K - Jungler - 39 Points


Congratulations to Tamás “Vizicsacsi” Kiss for winning his first MVP title. The 23 year old from Hungary first entered the EU LCS during the 2015 Promotion Tournament, and since then has only played on the Unicorns of Love. In fact, he is one of two remaining members of the original Unicorns lineup, along with support Hylissang. During his career Vizicsacsi has enjoyed successes both in the EU LCS and out, including finishing in second place during the 2015 EU LCS Spring Split and winning IEM Oakland 2016. By being selected as the MVP of the split Vizicsacsi is now recognized by his peers as the highest performing player in the league, and now there’s only one title left in his sights: Spring Split Champion.


For a full list of votes, look here.

That wraps up the EU LCS 2017 Spring Split Awards! Who would you have voted as your MVP of the split? Let us know below!