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The Only Way is Up - FNC Broxah

After all the smoke settled in Hamburg on Saturday, Fnatic have secured third place and 50 points towards qualifying for the 2017 World Championships as the second European seed. A 3-0 win over Misfits puts Fnatic on the road to Worlds, thanks in part to Broxah’s impact on Ivern and Elise. Fnatic looked increasingly dominant in the 3 game series, picking apart the previously second place team from Group A. We spoke to Broxah about the win.

You had a pretty dominant 3-0 over Misfits, what were your expectations coming into today?

I expected us to have a bit of an edge coming into the game, but I wasn’t sure exactly how good we were compared to them, but I expected us to be better. I thought we would win 3-1 or 3-2, it was really hard to say, but I did expect us to win. It went better than my expectations, so I’m really happy.

You had KaKAO figured out in every game, what made it so simple for you?

Well, I think that when we were against G2 they knew what I was going to do at every point in the game, and the last week I’ve just been looking at my pathing and trying to change it up and adapt a bit so they can’t figure it out anymore. Our playstyle meant that it has been really easy to see what I was going to do, we just didn’t realize before we faced G2. So we’ve been testing some new champions for me, like Ivern, and I’ve been focusing a lot on not being as predictable.

What made you want to pick Ivern specifically?

We think Ivern fits pretty well with our style, we’ve been scrimming with him the past few days with quite a lot of success, and it’s a champion I used to play a lot in the past so it was easy to pick it up again. So we decided to try him out in the first game and see how it goes on stage, and then we would take it from there. It went pretty well, so I think it was a good decision.


Overall how do you feel about your first split in the EU LCS?

I feel really good about my first split, things have been going really really fast for me. In December we played in the Open Qualifier with our Challenger team, and we almost didn’t qualify - it was extremely close. We played the CS Qualifier in January, and then I played in only one Challenger Series match before I was in the LCS. This split was pretty tough, we were struggling a little bit, but I’m happy with how I did. We’ve done pretty well I think.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned this split?

I’ve learned to be confident in myself. No matter who I’m playing against I need to have a certain amount of respect, but not too much. I still need to play my game and not think too much of who they are and how much they’ve done in the past. I just need to play my own game and stay confident and believe in myself.


Looking forward, what are your goals for the 2017 Summer Split?

I’m not entirely sure, so far everything has gone so fast for me. Obviously it would be really amazing to go to Worlds, that would be really cool. But we’ll see how it goes. That’s my goal I guess.

Is there anything else you’d like to say?

I want to thank Nicothepico, because in the end he was the one who trusted me when there were tryouts for the CS team and the LCS team. He was one of the few people who believed in me, and forced me onto the CS team pretty much. If he hadn’t believed in me I wouldn’t be where I am today, so I’m very grateful to him.

The 2017 Spring Split Finals continue tomorrow when the Unicorns of Love challenge G2 Esports for the European crown. Catch the action on Sunday April 23rd at 16:30 CEST on watch.lolesports.com