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Think Like a Top Laner

Are your mechanics good, but decision making bad? Take this crash course in how the pros think.

Freezing the lane. Flanking bot lane with TP. Lane swapping. If you're new to playing top lane, you've probably heard these terms before, but have had no idea how, when or why you should even do them. To give you a crash course on how to start Thinking Like a Top Laner, we sat down with some of the pros from EU LCS and asked them to take us through their decision making process when they're in game.

Of course, before we start, a disclaimer - these are all general guidelines for playing top, and of course, with over 130 different champions in the game and the meta constantly shifting, there will be exception cases. As in every decision in League, it's always best to try to consider the cost and benefit of the decisions you're making. How will this decision benefit me, and what will it cost my team - and vice versa? Then try weigh them up, and go for the decision that has the net positive outcome. However, these flowcharts can be used as a good starting point to help you get a handle on the basics.

Early Game: Should I push my lane?


Early Game: Should I try to trade with my opponent?


Should I use teleport to get back to lane?


Should I lane swap?


Late Game: Should I split push or group up with my team?


These decisions aren't always as clear-cut in solo queue- so let us know exceptions you've found and what you think in the comments below.