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Deficio's Top 5 MVP Candidates - Week 4

We're four weeks into the EU LCS Spring Split, it's time for Deficio to break down his current top 5 candidates for MVP!

I love thinking about potential MVP candidates during the split, it’s one of the greatest honours a player can get and a true testament to their strength and performance. An MVP can be a lot of different things: the best overall player, a great leader who can guide his team both on and off the Rift, or the guy who is irreplaceable because he creates the identity for the team and their playstyle.

But for me, the MVP is either the most important player on his team in terms of pure individual carry ability (i.e. Faker) or the player who sets up his team to shine in game (i.e. Ambition). Sadly, I cannot properly judge what a player brings in terms of shotcalling or leadership outside of the game.

In this article I'll pick my current top 5 MVP candidates, updating it every other week as the split progresses until we vote for the actual MVP in Week 9.

Hans Sama