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Deficio's Top 5 MVP Rankings - Week 6

Deficio is back again with his Top 5 MVP candidates after Week 6 of the EU LCS Spring Split.

Week 6 is done and it’s time to look at MVP candidates once again. If you want to know the criteria I applied and who made the list last time, check out my previous article from Week 4.

I spent a lot of time debating with myself if I wanted to use multiple players from the same team or if it would diminish the value of MVP voting. I ultimately decided that it would be unfair to some of the best performing players in Europe if they could not be included simply because I had already picked one of their teammates. We are in a split where a lot of teams win games due to team work or through multiple different players stepping up. There are only a few players who truly stand out individually, and they have become centerpieces for their teams’ success.