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Five ganks that made an impact in Week 6 of LEC Summer

We take a look at some of the big ganks that happened during Week 6.

We take a look at some of the best ganks during LEC Summer Week 6. Whether they set the pace for the remainder of the game, swayed momentum back in their team’s favor, or were just good, clean ganks – you’ll find them here. In a week full of upsets, Misfits sporting their all-academy roster, and Excel looking like they’re finding their groove, the playoff race could be even more exciting than expected.

This was the first weekend of matches to be played on the recently released 9.14 patch. The meta will be changing the further into the patch we get, but some noticeable picks have already taken place. Champions like Poppy, Karma, and Kled are a few choices that will be even more viable with the new patch. Kled, for example, was picked by Odoamne of S04 and was part of Trick’s Sejuani gank listed below. Let’s dig in.

Caedrel’s Sylas: Excel vs Rogue

Caedrel Week 6

Some excellent jungle play by Caedrel helped XL take the win over Rogue.

One of the biggest upsets of the week, 1-9 Excel defeated 4-6 Rogue – a huge momentum boost that XL needed. Caedrel came in for the early game gank that allowed XL to claim the first blood and set the pace for the remainder of the game, letting Rogue know it wasn’t going to be an easy battle.

Excel came out in force to get the first blood of the match against Rogue and was in large part due to the pressure provided by the Caedrel backdoor. Coming in as the underdogs in Week 6 against the Rogue roster who have been playing well lately, this first blood was very important to get the momentum up early and allowed them to hold on to claim their first of two wins in Week 6.

Expect’s Rumble: Excel vs Misfits

Expect Week 6

Expect, known for invading from top, helps keep the Misfits mid locked down.

This gank was a combo between Expect and Caedrel, and really helped XL keep the upper hand against Misfits. LIDER is a big threat late game if he’s not stopped and this gank was a big setback and ultimately helped keep the Misfits blue juice drinker chained down and unable to pop off, helping XL take their second upset of the week to allow them the claim to their third win of the split.

As the only gank from a non-jungler this week to make the list, Expect played this gank perfectly, not giving LIDER a chance to escape. Expect has been known for his invades from top – something that Misfits should have kept in mind. Great plays by Expect and Caedrel both helped XL claim their second, much needed win of the week.

Xerxe’s Qiyana: Splyce vs S04

Xerxe Week 6

Xerxe gets a big early game gank that gave him the advantage against his rival Jungler.

Splyce were able to secure the win against S04 this week, largely in part by some nice Qiyana play by Xerxe. He was able to get the very early kill during a mid lane gank after committing with his flash, allowing him to take the advantage against his rival jungler, setting his pace for the rest of the match as he finished 4/1/7.

Qiyana isn’t known for her early game ganks and may not have been on Abbedagge’s mind when Xerxe came flashing through the river to drop his health bar to zero. In a game that could have easily gone either way, Xerxe came through strong in the Week 6 match against S04.

Broxah’s Elise: Fnatic vs Origen

Broxah Week 6

Broxah had a couple great ganks against Origen in Week 6.

Broxah was able to set up the top-lane gank as Elise, catching Alphari without his flash and using the duo’s chain cc to their advantage. Broxah continued to play at the top of his game throughout the rest of the match, continuously camping top, massively helping Fnatic ensure they were to take the win against Origen and avoid a two loss weekend.

Broxah is known as one of the top junglers in the world and he shows why in this match against Origen. A combination of some of the finest Elise play this split and the constant pressure in top-lane, not allowing Alphari to ever feel comfortable, helped Fnatic get the big win to finish off Week 6.

Trick’s Sejuani: S04 vs SK

Trick Week 6

Trick helped S04 get their first blood of the game, reversing momentum in their favour.

S04 found themselves behind in the early game against their opponent, SK. Down 0-2, Trick made a game changing gank on top lane, tower diving against SK’s Sacre to help sway the momentum into S04’s favor and helped the team continue throughout the rest of the match to repel another almost-upset in Week 6.

Trick is widely known for his skill on Sejuani and really shines in this match against SK. Finishing the match at 3/0/7, the combination of perfectly timed ganks and constant pressure on the SK roster helped S04 pick up an important win in Week 6.

Were there any ganks that didn’t make the list that you thought made a huge impact this week? Let us know what some of your favorites were below in the comments!