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Vander on being emergency autofilled to ADC: “I didn’t even have time to play one solo queue.”

Oskar "Vander" Bogdan normally plays support for FC Schalke 04 - but when a medical emergency meant that his ADC Upset couldn’t play, Vander stepped in to take his place.

When did you find out Upset was sick?

Everyone was like: “Yeah, he’s probably just stressed - it’s normal, we’ve all had it.” ... but it turned he was actually sick.

Oskar "Vander" Bogdan

He didn’t feel well since Wednesday, but we thought he was just stressed because it was going to be his first LCS match on stage. So everyone was like, “Yeah, he’s probably just stressed - it’s normal, we’ve all had it.” But on match day he said he that he felt really bad, and he spent pretty much the whole night being sick. We still hoped he would be fine on match day, but he went to the doctor to find out if he had a virus or he was super stressed out, but it turned he was actually sick. So we only found out a few hours before the match that he couldn’t play. Thankfully he didn’t have to go to hospital, so he’s staying at home and resting there.

How did the team come to the decision that you were going to play ADC?

I autofill sometimes to ADC, but I think Nukeduck also plays a good ADC and I think he could fill this role probably even better than me. But we didn’t have anyone who could play mid on his level, also our sub is a support main, so it was natural to put him support than make him play ADC. Also, when you play support you should kind of try to think how the ADC wants to play the lane and how that champion works, so I have a lot of knowledge of ADC champs because of playing support. So it was kind of everyone’s first thought to put Boris on support and me on ADC.

How did you feel when you realised you were going to be playing ADC?

Versus Misfits, if we had Upset on ADC, we would have won the game.

Oskar "Vander" Bogdan

I was a bit excited in the beginning because while the first LCS matches are important, they’re not critical, right? So we could have some fun here and there. But it’s a bit sad that the two weeks of practice we had before the first week were ruined, at least for me, because we worked really hard with Upset to perform well. But I was excited and a bit worried to play ADC, and it turned out okay. I didn’t play that good, I had one good team fight on Varus, but I just tried not to be too much of a burden for my team. I think versus Misfits, if we had Upset on ADC, we would have won the game.

How much time did you have to prepare?

Oh, I didn’t even have time to play one solo queue! I rarely play ADC, especially recently because of the new runes system changing. We had this Arcane Comet meta phase with a lot of poke supports, and now people are slowly transitioning to tank supports. So I’ve had to put a lot of practice into relearning a lot of champions because they weren’t in the meta before, for example Taric. So that was a bit weird. In Summer Split last year I played a lot Tristana and Caitlyn in solo queue, but right now I think I’ve only had five ADC games in the past two months and only one on Varus, and maybe three on Tristana. Tristana was my main pick coming into this week.

Do you practice with your sub, Boris, very often?

We haven’t played a single game together - not even in the house while scrimming.

We haven’t played a single game together - not even in the house while scrimming.

Oskar "Vander" Bogdan
Vander Schalke

Vander in the hotseat: Subbing for Upset and playing ADC


You went 5/1/5 on Varus against ROCCAT – were you expecting to perform that well?

I expected their botlane to be a bit uncomfortable because both of the players are kind of new to  the stage, especially since it was Norskeren’s first LCS game. I expected them to choke a bit against us, but they won lane hard, actually. But Varus outscales Ezreal after two items and our midlane did really well this game. I didn’t expect myself to carry this game but I was confident we could win, and even if our botlane was a bit behind, I knew that our top side of the map was way stronger, and we just wanted to scale and play safe bot to let others carry. That was the logic we had.

The game against Misfits was tougher – Hans Sama picked Varus away from you and you picked up Tristana instead. Was that part of your drafting plan?

We banned Kog’Maw because I haven’t played him at all and I don’t feel too comfortable playing him. If had played some Kog’Maw games I think I would have picked him because he’s really strong right now. We picked Tristana because she’s a bit safer and she’s good with Braum as well. I could have picked Varus if I wanted to, but I felt with the Sejuani and Gangplank combination on Misfits it would be easier to play with a mobile champion who has a jump. The Tristana matchup into Varus is also decent: you can jump away from the ultimate and you outrange him later in the game with Rapid Fire. So I picked Tristana into them expecting them to pick Varus, so it went as planned.


What do you think about Varus as a champion?

I think he’s really good in this competitive meta. In solo queue, a lot of people see Brand, Xerath and Miss Fortune support because of the poke damage. But if someone plays a melee support really well, you can’t outpoke them well enough that you don’t just die level three or level five on the all-ins, because those melee supports basically have double health. If you base once as those melee supports and your ADC has like one item, you can easily one-shot those ranged champions, and those melees are better in team fights. So Varus scales well with two items - Guinsoo’s Rageblade and Blade of the Ruined King - and his ultimate is OP because it spreads and you can zone people.

He’s not necessarily good in solo queue however because he doesn’t have a jump and he’s kind of predictable to play against, for example flashing forward and ulting, or the combo where you ult and then auto in the air… so he’s a bit predictable, and you need a decent team to play around. So in solo queue, you should pick Ezreal or Tristana.

In solo queue, you should pick Ezreal or Tristana.

Oskar "Vander" Bogdan

What do you think about Tristana?

She’s pretty good all around, you can have success with her in both competitive and solo queue. She has a good all-in, so you can play her with Alistar or Shen. Her push is also decent with the E splash when you have minions. But I think Kog’Maw or Varus both outscale her early because on-hit champions are much stronger with one or two items because there’s no crit, and crit scales much better in late game. So actually on one, two or three items, Tristana is much weaker than Varus - but on your fourth and fifth, she takes over and her range is super OP late game. She’s actually the best champion to 1v9.

She’s actually the best champion to 1v9.

Oskar "Vander" Bogdan
Fan Meet

FC Schalke 04 meeting with fans after their victory versus ROCCAT, including Head Coach André Guilhoto and their mascot, Erwin


What is it like working with your Head Coach, Guilhoto?

I didn’t know what to think about him at first, since he’s kind of new to being on stage. He had a good run with Giants to qualify to LCS but I didn’t have any expectations for him. When he came to visit the team at first he primarily just observed what we do, but once he got onto the team I’ve found that he’s a really good coach. He’s smart about the game, and the way he sees the game is good. Some coaches can’t really find a problem - always the games fall apart at some point for you, and you always have to find the first problem, the core problem. A lot of coaches can’t do that, but Guilhoto sees it and then the VOD reviews are way smoother. The players don’t have to dig through the game to show others what really happened because André has it. And I think his drafts are also pretty good.

How has your synergy been with Upset in scrims and practice?

We actually like to spend time with each other, so I think we have an edge on most of the botlanes because not every ADC and Support like each other

Oskar "Vander" Bogdan

I think the synergy is really good between us - we’re really open towards each other. We have a really good relationship so we openly talk about the game and we play a lot of duo queues together. We actually like to spend time with each other, so I think we have an edge on most of the botlanes because not every ADC and Support like each other and like to spend time with each other and talk about the game all the time- but we do.

After and during scrims we like to go for a walk together to cool off a bit. That’s the main thing we do actually, because we do it every single day, just go for a “walk-and-talk”. But from time-to-time we go somewhere outside to like the cinema or to a nice restaurant.

How would you describe the rest of your team?

Pride is more of a goofy guy, he goes to order a coffee and forgets to pay and he just walks away, so we have to chase him so he pays for it.

Oskar "Vander" Bogdan

Our coaching staff drop a lot of good memes. Upset is the most obnoxious person - he talks so much sometimes, and he likes to be in the centre of attention you know? But also Pride is more of a goofy guy, he goes to order a coffee and forgets to pay and he just walks away, so we have to chase him so he pays for it. And Vizicsacsi is so nice… he’s always smiling, always happy, so when I see Vizicsacsi I always smile as well. Everyone on the team is funny in his own way so we have a good atmosphere for sure. Nukeduck likes to make gym jokes - he eats protein like three times a day… once he made the protein mix for Pride and Pride puked afterwards.

Hopefully that’s not why Upset’s sick!

Oh… we don’t know, right? I hope he didn’t eat the Nuke’s Mix.



Who are the Top 3 ADCs in EU LCS and why?

For sure Rekkles, because he’s the most experienced and he’s the leader of his team and a good player all around. He’s the best ADC right now and you can’t really contest him.

Then we have a lot of new ADCs, right? I think all of them are kind of unique in their own way, but I’d have to say the second one is Upset for me. He’s pretty aggressive and he tries to really understand the game and how to play his role to the fullest potential and also how to include his team members and help him carry the game. So he’s really good at it.

And then the third one… Hans Sama is good mechanically and good laning, but Hjarnan is a really smart player. He’s not as good mechanically as Hans Sama, but he brings more to the team. He’s more of a vocal member and he’s an experienced, solid player. So I would put those four as top four.

Who are the Top 3 Supports in EU LCS and why?

Well we lost a lot of good supports from last split because Chei, Ignar and mithy are gone and they were really good. So right now I’d say, without saying in which order are myself, Mikyx and Hylissang, but Wadid is also pretty good.

Right now Wadid didn’t not play so well on stage in the first week, I think he was nervous, but we played against him in our practice games and he did well, so he kind of disappointed me a little bit. I thought he would perform better in Week 1.

Mikyx is really good in lane actually - his skill shots and his movement to dodge skills are both good. So he’s solid mechanically, and it’s always hard to play against him. It’s not a good meta for him right now because of the tanky supports he can’t really show his strength as much.

Hylissang is kind of… he’s so weird, because sometimes he plays so good and so crazy, but sometimes he just makes sloppy and silly mistakes. He has super high highs, and super low lows, so he’s inconsistent and just crazy, you know? I think he’s a player who relies on his instincts instead of strategy, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. But he does non-standard stuff that catches you off guard often so we always have to expect him to do anything.

But those four I guess - they’re the supports of the ADCs I mentioned, so now you know who I think are the best botlanes as well.

Any closing words for your fans?

Thanks for following us and keep cheering for us. When Upset plays again everything will be better and the ADC won’t struggle so much in the lane anymore! Stay with us, and please send some nice words to Upset because he’s really sad he couldn’t help the team in week one, even though thankfully nobody’s blaming him for that.


Follow Vander on Twitter @VanderLCS and tweet your well wishes to Upset on @S04Upset. Make sure to follow @S04Esports for more updates on the team as they take on Unicorns of Love and Splyce on January 26th and 27th on watch.lolesports.com.