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Vedius's rundown of the 6 Playoffs teams

Vedius breaks down each of the 6 playoffs teams to give you some background history before the Quarterfinals begin on Friday March 23rd at 18:00 CET.

#1 Fnatic


This was the expectation all along. Ever since their roster reveal, Fnatic have been the favorites to go all the way this split. Their impeccable teamfighting is a result of the core members having tons of time to gel and figure out how each member will react in nearly any situation. Their newest addition, Hylissang, is one of the most experienced supports in the EU LCS. He took a bit of time to adapt to his upgraded teammates, but once he did Fnatic became nearly unstoppable.

Oh, did we mention they’ve also got the most statistically dominant AD Carry in Europe? Rekkles has been everything but his namesake this split, playing calm, cool, and collected while he’s bodied the competition.

To top things off, they’ve also got one hell of a mechanically-gifted mid laner in Caps, who can easily beat down his opposing laner and take over a game. With that being said, keep an eye out for mid lane ganks, because every great player has an Achilles Heel.

#2 G2


G2 have transformed into a top-side-focused squad that primarily plays through their two massive carries Perkz and Wunder. While their early game has been their strongest phase throughout the split, they’ve shored up weaknesses in the mid and late game as well. They tend to rely on a combination of lane and gank pressure to ratchet up the heat on the opposition.

Because they’re top-centric, it makes sense that they’re one of the finest split pushing teams in the league. Wunder is at his absolute best when he’s playing a carry and told to set up a tent in a side lane. The drawback here is that the team has trouble adjusting when Wunder is forced onto a tankier option and not able to control the game’s tempo as effectively. Their bot lane, while not a weakness in the traditional sense, isn’t an emphasis in most games. This means that if they’re shut down, the opposition can look to take advantage. It’s just best to hope that Perkz and Wunder aren’t out of control by then.

#3 Splyce


The fact of the matter is that once their drafts got tightened up, the fogginess of their win conditions cleared, successfully freeing them from the pressure of an underwhelming start of the split. Their rock-solid bottom lane duo of Kobbe and KaSing are the stable foundation that Splyce builds each game around. Combine this with the league’s best performing jungler, Xerxe, who knows how he fits into any team composition and you’ve got a surefire recipe for wins.

One of the problems is that their laners never quite earn huge leads without assistance, especially in the mid lane where they don’t always get a full return on their investment. Attacking their over-reliance on Xerxe’s playmaking ability may be the best way to solve the Splyce Boys puzzle.


#4 Vitality


Vitality made a name for themselves with their relentless early game aggression that’s centered around the mid lane. When Gilius gets his hands on a gank-heavy jungler and Jiizuke locks in a playmaker, all bets are off in the early game and no place on the Rift is safe. Their near-delusional levels of confidence and belief in their teammates has lead to a variety of unique strategies throughout the split. From teleporting backdoor AD Carries to off-meta selections in every role, how this team will approach a best-of-five remains a mystery to everyone but them.

Their promising mid laner, Jiizuke, is the focal point of their team and my favorite to win Rookie of the Split honors due to his mechanical prowess. He’s also got an infectious laugh that you’ve no doubt heard once or twice. However, their jungler can be a more of a wildcard. While Gilius is smart and plays the map well, he’s also known to be a bit slow to the Smite key and for some INT-eresting decisions throughout his career. They’ll need him bring his A-game if they want to beat the odds and take the Spring Split crown.

#5 H2K


From a 1-7 start to a spot in Playoffs, H2K’s turnaround was truly one for the EU LCS history books. After their terrible start they knew the roster needed a shake up, and once they acquired Selfie and Shook, they started to pick up win after win. H2K is at their best when Shook and Promiseq pick up engage-heavy champions because that frees up Selfie and Sheriff to tee off on their enemies and rack up the kills.

While they’ve shown sparks of early game potential, H2K is over-reliant on their stronger-than-average teamfights to pull out wins. The lack of jungle pressure from Shook, and the consistent -- rather than dominating -- laners, means that opponents should be able to key in on the early game and look to snowball from there. They’ll just need to be able to out-teamfight H2K to close ‘em out.


#6 Roccat


ROCCAT finally put an end to their postseason drought this split when they punched their first ticket to playoffs since 2015. They continued their tradition of taking every other team’s “spare change” players and turning them into something way more valuable. Their jungler, Memento, has been one of the best performers at the position this split. He’s primarily focused on control and map pressure, but in recent weeks has stepped up his game to bring more gank pressure and it’s brought out great performances from his laners.

One of their greatest strengths is their understanding of how to effectively capitalize on their vision control. This helps them to secure objectives like Baron and Elder Dragon cleanly, while also enabling them to play aggressively pushed with the safety that their vision provides. They struggle mightily when they fall behind, though. Their lack of individual star power means that comeback wins aren’t really in the team’s vocabulary and their reliance on vision forces them to concede the map and lose critical vision if they’re playing from a deficit.

Playoffs begin on Friday March 23rd at 18:00 CET on watch.lolesports.com.

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