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Welcome to Mid Lane Week

Welcome to Mid Lane Week, where we celebrate our talented EU mids through a variety of articles, interviews, features and more! Europe has historically bred some of the most talented mid laners to grace the competitive scene, and what better way to celebrate the current generation than a week of content focused entirely on them!


Last season we started focusing on specific roles within a pro-team for our so-called “themed weeks”: Coaches Week was the first of its kind and brought a lot of flavour and different voices to the EU LCS Show. We invited the LCS team coaches to join us on the desk, to participate in interviews, or to talk to us for longer form features, like with Prolly and Deilor. We then expanded the concept with Jungle Week in the Summer Split, and we decided we wanted to build this into a more comprehensive and memorable project for 2016.

Enter Mid Lane Week. We’re rolling out Mid Lane Week in week four of the EU LCS, focusing on  different aspects pertaining to the mid lane in competitive and casual play. We’ll be releasing a tonne of content, from articles to interviews and AMA’s, all of which you can find in this portal as it’s released throughout the week!

As as teaser for what’s coming up, we’ll be releasing an infographic centered around the legacy of our European midlaners like Froggen, xPeke and Shushei, as well as new talent like Febiven and Perkz. We’ll also be releasing an in depth roundtable discussion with Perkz, Febiven, Sencux and xPeke. And of course you can expect all your favourite EU LCS midlaners to appear on the show in week four, be it on the desk, in an interview or in a feature!