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Welcome to the EU Lolesports website

Welcome to the shiny, new English-language version of the EU Lolesports website!

We’re dedicated to bringing you quality coverage of both the EU LCS and global scene, anchored by a strong, local European perspective. We want our homepage to be the go-to source for EU League esports content, ranging from insightful articles and features to exclusive shoutcaster analysis and interviews.

You’ll notice we’ve changed the way the site functions depending on your location and language preference. If you’re browsing Lolesports.com from Europe and your browser language is English, you’ll be automatically redirected here, but you’ll always have the option to switch to the US or one of the other four EU sites. We’ve been running our EU Lolesports site in German, French, Polish and Spanish since the start of the year and, instead of just translating articles for these audiences, it was important to us to publish articles written by local fans in their native languages, without diluting their unique cultural viewpoint.

We’ll continue to bring you the most relevant League news from around the world, including announcements, schedules, updates, and much more. We’re actively developing the site and expanding our team to more effectively deliver  the content you want, grounded in a regional perspective that resonates with English-speaking League fans here in Europe. Thanks for reading and let us know how what sorts of English-language content you’d most like to see. We’re just getting warmed up!