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Your MVP of 2019 LEC Summer is...

For our MVP title, one player stood out above everyone else

Coming back after his first international title, our Summer Split MVP continued to show why his team is on top of the LEC, and why he is seen by many as a top jungler in the world. Congratulations to Jankos! This is his first LEC MVP title, the first for a jungler since 2016 Summer. Jankos won the award by a landslide, more than doubling the points to the second place finisher.

MVP LEC Summer 2019

Jankos has been an integral part of G2 Esports this year. Coming back from the Mid Season Invitational with his first international title, Jankos never slowed down and contributed heavily to G2's 15-3 regular season finish.

The polish player topped the jungle stats in multiple categories, boasting an impressive 4.6 kills and assists at 15 minutes and consistently dealt the most damage, while always being ahead in farm and experience (14.4 CSD@15, +729 XP-D@15). G2 typically get to the mid game with a solid lead, and Jankos is one of the main contributors behind this as he usually manages to keep a good balance between getting his lanes ahead with ganks while farming enough camps to not fall behind.

Alongside his second consecutive first all-pro team finish, Jankos has shown to be the undisputed best jungler in Europe as he looks to finish summer with yet another title.

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