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Your MVP of the Spring Split is...

The race for MVP seemed close on the surface, but there was a clear name that stood above the rest.

After an off-season where he moved from a team that made the World Finals, to their greatest rivals, our Spring Split MVP has continued to show why he is seen by some as the best western player currently playing league. Congratulations Caps! His second consecutive LEC MVP, much deserved, while acquiring more than double the amount of votes of the second place candidate.


Caps was an integral part of the G2 lineup that went undefeated during the first half of the split, and locked first place with games to spare. He topped midlanes in damage per minute, out damaging his opponents by over 100 damage a minute on average. He also has the most kills of any player, 10 more than anyone else.

Once again Caps has shown us that any team he is on is one to be feared, and that his reign in the midlane of Europe will continue for many splits to come.

“Caps is nothing short of miraculous. No matter what situation G2 are in, he can always be relied on to magic himself into a winning situation and make a play for the team. Whether it be through superior mechanics, macro or just some innate game sense, Caps continues to dazzle every time he plays.”

Aaron ‘Medic’ Chamberlain