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Your Rookie and Coach of the Spring Split are...

It’s the second week of Awards season here at the EU LCS, and the votes keep on coming!

For a recap on how the voting worked, check out our primer here.

Last week we saw who made it onto the EU All-Pro teams. But even the best of the best had to begin somewhere.  Most of us know what it feels like to be the new kids on the block, whether it's starting out in high school or switching to a new job, being a newcomer is never easy. The same is definitely true for the LCS, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at our Rookie of the Split, he made his adjustment to the EU LCS look like a walk in the park. Or should we say, jungle?


Rookie 1

 Andrei "Xerxe" Dragomir - Jungle, UOL - 93 Points

“Xerxe has been more than just a much needed dose of consistency for the Unicorns of Love. Perhaps the right mix of unpredictability, adaptability and dependability, Xerxe has been a key player in Unicorns teamfighting with his Ivern, Rumble and Rengar. In his inaugural split he's topped the leaderboard for KDA in Europe, as well as out-jungled many of the mainstays in our region in what has truly been an award winning performance.”

James “Stress” O’Leary

Here is how Xerxe reacted to winning:


Barney "Alphari" Morris - Top, Misfits - 62 Points


Steven "Hans sama" Liv - ADC, Misfits - 28 Points


But where would a team be without its valiant leader, its captain at the helm, its coach?



Neil 'Pr0lly' Hammad - H2K - 62 Points

"To me, a coach is someone who needs to be a leader for his players. In his tenure with H2K, Pr0lly has consistently earned the respect and admiration necessary to that role. Given his track record of working successfully with players both mild and headstrong, he has earned the Coach of the Split award." - Devin “PiraTechnics” Younge


Fabien 'Sheepy' Mallant - UOL - 53 Points



Hussain 'Daku' Moosvi - Misfits - 41 Points


Misfits have managed to defy expectations, pull a rabbit out of their hat, and show up strong in the polls.  But they’re not the only animals in this parade, the Unicorns of Love prove that magic is real with a showing in both categories. So there we have it, two weeks of awards have passed, only one remains! Check back next week after the EU LCS Semifinals to see who is left standing as the MVP of the 2017 Spring Split.


Do you agree with the polls, or do you just think EU LCS is scripted? Who would you select as your Rookie and Coach of the Split? Let us know in the comments below!

You can find the full list of who voted for who here!