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Chia-Wei Kang
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Chia-Wei 'Albis' Kang
Team Ice Poro King: Support


Albis is the silent protector of ahq e-Sports Club. While he’s normally modest and reserved, he’s not afraid to spring into action to help his teammates both in and out of game. The LMS veteran has built a large fanbase over the years.

Albis’s playmaking skills on the Rift were on full display at Worlds 2016, when he played Bard to great effect in the Group Stage. However, he struggled on other champions, and ahq failed to make it out of their group.

Match History

  • Karma
    Played5 months ago
    KDA0 / 0 / 0
    KDA Ratio0.00
    CS / Min0.4
  • Janna
    Played5 months ago
    KDA0 / 2 / 0
    KDA Ratio0.00
    CS / Min0.1
  • Janna
    Played5 months ago
    KDA0 / 0 / 9
    KDA Ratio9.00
    CS / Min0.3
  • Janna
    Played5 months ago
    KDA0 / 1 / 4
    KDA Ratio4.00
    CS / Min0.5
  • Lulu
    Played5 months ago
    KDA0 / 2 / 1
    KDA Ratio0.50
    CS / Min1.5

Player Facts

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  • Country