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Maurice Stückenschneider
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Maurice 'Amazing' Stückenschneider
Fnatic Academy: Jungler


Maurice "Amazingx" Stückenschneider's jungle prowess is known on both sides of the Atlantic. Amazing rose to fame when he played a key role in the Copenhagen Wolves' promotion to the EU LCS in late 2013. He then hopped across the pond and spent a brief stint in North America with Team SoloMid, helping lead the team to the 2014 World Championship Quarterfinals. At the end of the season he returned to Europe to join Origen's starting roster in the EU Challenger Series, where he easily earned a berth into the EU LCS. A lifelong basketball player, Amazing's competitive nature drives him to dominate the map and make plays for his team.

After the struggles mounted for Origen in 2016, Amazing left the team at the end of the year and became part of the Fnatic organization shortly after. Amazing fell short of his lofty promises for Origen last year and will make sure that the same doesn’t happen this year. An explosive player on the Rift, Amazing still has the ability to take over games at a moment’s notice. A change of scenery may be just what was needed in order to rekindle Amazing’s in-game fire.

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