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Tae-sang Kim
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Tae-sang 'DoinB' Kim
QG Reapers: Mid Laner


Tae-sang “DoinB” Kim joined Qiao Gu straight out of Solo Queue, embodying the dream of so many highly-skilled League of Legends players. However, joining a professional team straight out of Solo Queue isn’t easy. When DoinB first joined QG he was the rookie of the team -- and he looked it. He wore a chip on his shoulder like he had something to prove, and frequently tried for selfish plays that hurt his team’s overall performance. Luckily it didn’t take him long to settle. Soon he was roaming the Rift with Swift and picking off the opposition instead of attempting questionable plays to prove his skills to his teammates.

Once DoinB lost his Solo Queue mentality, his map movement and massive champion pool began to shine. Sure, he might have accidently picked Maokai into the mid lane, but that only happened once. And hey, Qiao Gu ended up winning anyway. No harm, no foul. Although...DoinB stated in an interview that he masters champions based on the recent skins released by Riot. It’s certainly an unconventional method of training champions, but it appears to be one of those situations where it’s so crazy that it goes full circle and just works. Maybe that Maokai pick wasn’t an accident after all.

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