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Marcus Hill
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Marcus 'Dyrus' Hill
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Marcus "Dyrus" Hill has been a stalwart member of the League of Legends community since the game's beta days. In that time, Dyrus has achieved tremendous success both as a professional player on the Rift and as a fan favorite off it. His combination of raw talent and an absurdly monotone voice make him irresistible to insomniacs everywhere. But even Dyrus can’t help but get excited when he goes full man mode on the enemy team. Sometimes the quiet passion bubbles forth and breaks the surface.

Dyrus is more than just a friendly baritone, though. His commitment to his fans, his team, and his friends is exemplary. When Dyrus announced his retirement at the 2015 World Championship, there were more than a few tears shed both onstage and in the crowd. Now, he makes his return as part of Delta Fox's dream meme team.

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