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Xuan-jun Li
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Xuan-jun 'Flandre' Li
Snake Esports: Top Laner


Li “Flandre” Xuanjan is famous for playing a wide assortment of champions in the top lane. With 11 different picks in the 2015 LPL Summer season, he’s certainly no one-trick pony (although he does play quite a lot of Hecarim). Flandre’s top lane shenanigans and decisive shot-calling pushed Snake to the LPL Playoffs in the 2015 LPL Spring Split.

Unfortunately (for him), Flandre’s strong performances in the top lane have not gone unnoticed by the opposition. He is now frequently targeted by bans and repeated jungle ganks. But even when he’s behind, he’s a threat -- Flandre loves to sweep into the middle of team fights with a key teleport.

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