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Senming Shi
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Senming 'Ming' Shi
Royal Never Give Up: Support


Ming first made his name known when he established team YM with ex-pro player PDD. After Worlds 2016, Ming was transferred to RNG to be Uzi’s support -- the new “dog’s wife.” His personal improvement throughout the year and humble attitude have made him a crowd favourite.

Ming was most known for his damage dealing support champions such as Zyra and Karma in the past, however, as the newer patches rolled out, he quickly adapted to tank supports such as Thresh, Tahm Kench, and Braum to enable more diversity in RNG’s strategy. Ming’s big strength is adaptability -- when he is teamed up with substitute ADC Wuxx, Ming will play it safe and slow. However, he is much more aggressive when paired up with Uzi.

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