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Leandro Marcos
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Leandro 'Newbie' Marcos
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Leandro “Newbie” Marcos is about as far from a “newbie” as it gets. In fact, he was the first Latin American player to climb to Challenger Tier on the notoriously ruthless Korean server. Like most players on his team, he sports a deep champion pool that has given them huge amounts of flexibility in the drafting phase. While he feels comfortable on almost anything, he excels at reaping souls on Thresh. His ludicrous 89% win rate on the Chain Warden makes him a force to be reckoned with every time it's locked in for him. Newbie’s training in South Korea has led to him being called the clear cut best support in the CLS. He’s looking to give a Death Sentence to the competition as Isurus Gaming travel to Brazil and face their biggest challenge yet against top-flight international competition at MSI.

Player Facts

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    La Rioja, Argentina