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Ilyas Hartsema
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Ilyas 'Shook' Hartsema
H2K: Jungler


Ilyas “Shook” Hartsema made his first LCS appearance in the 2014 EU LCS Spring Split, jumping onto his opponents with every jungle assassin he could find. From Lee Sin to Kha’Zix, and even Evelynn, Shook found true happiness by exploding enemy carries from 100 to 0. His skill and technique in the jungle were proven time and again with impressive displays to both save his allies and slay his foes.

However, with the meta quickly shifting towards tanky champs in the jungle, Shook found himself out of sorts. Claiming 1st place in Europe and participating in the group stages at the 2014 World Championship with Alliance started to look like Shook's peak, and he slowly slid down the mountain in 2015 with Elements and then the Copenhagen Wolves. Now he finds himself back in the LCS with H2K. Here's hoping we see the old Shook, the champion slayer.

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