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Daehoon Baek
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Daehoon 'Swift' Baek
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Da-hoon “Swift” Baek is one of the most dynamic young talents rising to prominence in the LPL. After joining Qiao Gu Swift proved he is, well, swifter than the competition (low hanging fruit!). Swift is an absolute master at figuring out his opponent’s moves, sometimes looking like he is thinking two steps ahead of the opposition.

In his debut in the 2015 LPL Summer Split, Swift proved that not only could he snowball a lead for his teammates, he could also out-farm and outplay most other junglers. His jungle path is always just slightly more efficient, so he arrives at ganks first. His farm is always just a few CS ahead, so he purchases big items first. His armor is just a little brighter, so he absorbs more gamma rays from the sun allowing him to unleash his super strength and eject his enemies into the stratosphere with a majestic rising eagle uppercut.

Player Facts

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  • Hometown

    South Korea