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Zhang Hong-Wei
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Zhang 'MorZB' Hong-Wei
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NA LCS Fans might recognize Zhang “Mor” Hong Wei (formerly TcT) as LMQ’s former support. In his first year in NA he climbed with the rest of LMQ from the NA Challenger Series to the NA LCS, and eventually to the Season 4 World Championship. Back then Mor was known for his selfless playstyle, always willing to sacrifice his life so that his teammates could live.

After LMQ failed to progress past the Group Stages of the World Championship, Mor decided to return to China and reunite with his former duo partner TnT at Qiao Gu. Their bot lane combo flourished, in a large part due to their intense practice schedule. They frequently wake up as early as 5am in order to Duo Queue together. With the help of TnT, Mor has dropped the mentality of a sacrificial lamb that he developed in NA. Now he opts for picks with strong disengage like Janna, allowing him to protect his teammates without having to die constantly.Oh, and give himself a nice, solid KDA.

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