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Bao Bo
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Bao 'V' Bo
NewBee: Top Laner


Bao “V” Bo is a quiet, but mechanically gifted, top laner. The Qiao Gu top laner started off the 2015 LPL Summer Split relying on carry-oriented champions like Irelia, but he has since dialed back his Solo Queue-esque mentality. Now he plays what his team requires. If tanks are in the meta, he’ll play tanks. If mages are in the meta, he’ll play mages. His picks have slowly fallen into line with his quiet tendency to go with the flow.

When it comes to team building, Qiao Gu took the, ahem, stylish route of dyeing their hair together. V followed his nature and opted to dye his hair a conservative shade of brown while his teammates went for bright purples and neon greens. He might be a quieter voice on the team, but that doesn’t stop him from often dominating his lane. Even if he is missing the “GOD” portion of his name.

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