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Pawat Ampaporn
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Pawat 'WarL0cK' Ampaporn
Bangkok Titans: Top Laner


Joining the Bangkok Titans in 2013, Pawat “WarL0cK” Ampaporn is the veteran team captain of the squad. He has been through several role swaps, with short stints in the jungle and support roles before finally finding his home in the top lane in 2014. Warl0ck excels with top lane tanks, playing champions like Maokai and Mundo to perfection. He acts as a disruptive force to his opponents' carries, and if he’s fed, he will often outright kill them.

After two years of hard work, WarL0ck established himself as the best top laner not only in Thailand, but in the whole of Southeast Asia. The next step is proving he has what it takes to scuffle with the best top laners in the world.

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