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Byzantium. Rome. SK telecom T1.

Dynasties don't last forever. The three-time World Champions who won every Worlds they participated in had their streak broken last year. SK telecom T1 fell just short of a three-peat, losing to the very team they'd beaten the year before: Samsung Galaxy.

Faker and company will try to rebuild their empire in 2018. Withsome new faces and a renewed dedication to the playstyle that made them famous, SK telecom T1 will be out to reconquer in the new year.

Fixtures and Results

Match History

  • Played2 months ago
    KDA9 / 17 / 17
  • Played2 months ago
    KDA4 / 16 / 12
  • Played2 months ago
    KDA7 / 14 / 17
  • Played2 months ago
    KDA9 / 3 / 25
  • Played2 months ago
    KDA15 / 5 / 41