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EUphoria Podcast: "In three years, the LPL will be the strongest region in the world."

Drakos and Deficio chat with Froskurinn and PapaSmithy on what it takes to be a caster, funny player names and make a crazy bet on which team will become the MSI Champions!


02:39 - TL;DR Introduction

08:17 - Froskurinn on her infamous YellOwStaR comment

13:40 - Casters and bathroom breaks

16:29 - Biggest Surprise Award

28:33 - Biggest Disappointment Award

37:52 - Comments on Rekkles and his champion pool

47:12 - MVP of the group stages + stories of funny names

57:48 - Most underrated pick in the tournament?

1:08:14 - Comments on the Semifinals matchups

1:22:22 - RNG vs. FNC predictions

1:30:10 - KZ vs. FW predictions

1:44:23 - Will LPL be the strongest region in the world?

1:49:20 - Finals predictions and this week’s bet